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Bill Powell (White Hall, US)
A Petty Knife Works Like Paring

The knife looks attractive. The wood handle, the Damascus steel blade, and the visible full tang all fit together in this style.
Function: the handle is plenty large enough for large hands with a curb at the butt and a heel on the other end for different grips.
Use: This petty knife falls between a chef and a paring knife--being a little short for the former and a bit long for the latter. My use is more in line with a paring knife. It cuts apple peels effortlessly, as with slicing any fruit, lettuce, turnip greens, etc. By choking up under the heel, it cuts well despite being longer than a normal paring knife. The point tapers well also for cutting pits out of fruits. (I put my index finger along the spine and middle finger under the heel). I have chipped VG 10 steel before cutting watermelon on a plate, so I advise always using a wood board underneath any cutting task.
Sharpness: the blade comes very sharp, but I always sharpen them more, regardless--starting with 800 Grit and going to 8000. It took mere minutes to move to the King 8000.
I am well pleased with the knife and use it almost as much as my Chef knife. If you do not have a paring knife, this handsome knife works well in that role.

Mathew Peace (Flowery Branch, US)
Beautiful and amazing

This knife is a show stopper. It's beautiful design is eye catching and the still works perfectly and stays sharp. We do not even put it in the drawer we leave it out to display and easy access.

Best Petty knife!

Yes, this was (and is) my best Petty knife I ever have. It is small, handy and very very sharp.
It looks nice and very functional.