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Hossam Qusty (Riyadh, SA)
I wish I took the larger ones

my technique isn't perfect, these stones are. I tried them once now and I can't wait to do so from now on. they cut so fast and leave a really nice finish after the 3000. I stropped and ended up with a petty knife that shaves smoothly. this is truly the sharpest I have gotten a knife. my only gripe is that I didn't grab the full-sized ones. they are still serviceable for what they are, but I'll still prefer my Debado MDs if only for the size. for the price, perfect, absolutely perfect.

Gabriel S Querol
Combination doesn't quite work

The 800 is an exceptional stone. Great feedback and quick. The 3000 is well, mushy. It feels soft, doesn't remove the scratch pattern from the 800 without a lot of work. For EDC knives, I've gotten a better result going to Suehiro 5000 and skipping the 3000 included in this set. It's odd that I can remove the 800 scratch pattern just as fast with the Suehiro 5000 and that stone is a pleasure with which to hone

Richard D
Why aren't more people taking advantage of mini!

I started on a king stone deluxe 1,000 and learned knife sharpening from that standard. After seeing this deal on the original size 800/3,000, I was floored an amazed on how different the what stone feedback felt and how much easier it was to sharpen.

My everyday carry knives (pocket knife) and one or two small pairing knives I take to work get dull overtime and sometimes I wish I could sharpen it at work but lugging the two stones with me to work can be cumbersome. I don't want to risk breaking them or something else bad happening

naniwa does not make any kind of small mini stones for sharpening on the regular. I wish they did but taking advantage of this deal so I can always have stones with me on the go to sharpen whatever life throws at me. Having a mini splash-and-go Stone ready to go is pretty nice!

Jenna Prado (Del Valle, US)
Perfect size for smaller blades

I sharpen my leather craft tools and pocket knives. Learned from burrfection videos!

james humphrey (Huntersville, US)
Naniwa Pro Mini Set 800/3000

I purchased the mini Chosera stone set from the Burrfection store and am very happy with them. I use my Shapton Glass 320 to set the bevel (if needed) and then I go to the 800 then 3000. If you use a light touch when finishing on the 3000, then you won't even need to use a strop. This is a great kit at a great price. I don't use the holder/case. I use a universal stone holder and I can use my normal sharpening method even though the stones are slightly smaller than standard. I highly recommend this set.