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juan barredo (Miami, US)

So, definitely sad that it is already staining but it also makes it mine-mine. My fingerprints from my pinch grip are already showing. The fact that my fingerprints are on it is really cool. I thought it was sharp out of the box but I finally gave it a strop and it became screamingly sharp. I couldn't believe that a knife could get so sharp! I also treated the handle and the saya with some Burrfection All-Natural Wax for Cutting Boards and it is so much nicer to handle. It's definitely one hell of a knife :)

Nick Marker (Iowa City, US)
Thing Of Beauty

Absolutely beautiful knife. Noticeably light. I believe its around the same weight, if not lighter, than my miyabi birchwood sg2 210 mm gyuto. Whilst having 30 mm's on it. Very sharp out of the box. I used it today at work and sliced right down my middle finger on my claw. I foolishly looked up while cutting onions. Sliced right through me before I could even realize what happened. Im excited to polish it and hopefully I can get a beautiful patina on it. It may be a controversial opinion, but I would pay the price any day for this knife. I love it already.

Chiawan Fu (Jacksonville, US)
Expected more from a legend

The Masamoto KS is a plain looking blade in the Japanese knife world. Mine came out of the box with blemishes to the mirror finish probably from abrading the packaging during transit. The knife cuts beautifully. The blade glides through food with ease. However, even with careful drying and tsubaki oil conscientiously applied after each use, the white carbon steel is incredibly reactive to food. I will no doubt be using a rust eraser on the blade eventually. Is the stamped knife worth $400? (BTW Burrfection had the lowest price for the Masamoto KS, I could find on the internet.) No, I think the Masamoto KS is overpriced compared to some of the handforged beauties that can be purchased for under $400 from the wonderful small shops in Japan that keep the art of blacksmithing fine blades by hand alive. However, the Masamoto KS, even in its revamped format that is now available after its production hiatus for a few years, is still a very fine knife that will not disappoint in performance. I bought mine purely to satisfy my curiosity and to have the bragging rights of saying I own a Masamoto KS. It is not my daily cutter. I only break it out when I plan to do a lot of cutting and want to feel a zen satisfaction during my work. Buy this knife if you have the cash to splurge on experiencing what all the hype about this legend is personally. Just as a final note, shipping from Burrfection is amazing. I've gotten my orders in two days from Hong Kong even thought I live in North Carolina.