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Manjit Thagie (Hayes, GB)
Very good

This cutting board is pretty good i chose it because it splits the difference between a 7 pound cutting board and a 60 pound rubber cutting board. The wood is so soft sometimes my knife accidently gets stuck in it, the lemon-lime scent is subtle but refreshing. The wood also has a bonus of not staining or picking up garlic or onion scents. Recommend if you want a cutting board to not dull your knife and not want to spend 60 pounds on a soft rubber cutting board.

Ka (Lindenhurst, US)
Great Board!

This cutting board is perfect for all my kitchen needs. Now I don’t have to worry about dulling my very expensive japanese knives and enjoy the smell of this board as well. Very happy with this purchase

David Fernandes (Muscat, OM)
Excellent Cutting Board

Purchase the cutting board for my Japanese knifes. Great soft surface to keep my knifes sharp longer. It gives out a nice earthy scent when in use. Would have given 5 stars if it came with care instructions in English.
Advisory - During the first few uses there was an issue with the board warping and was not flat as when I recieved it. Towel drying the board after washing did not solve the problem. I decided to oil the board and that fixed the issue. Now its flat and stable. Oiling has also made the colours of the grain pop out and looks better than when I recieved it.

Peter Sorensen (Auckland, NZ)
Exactly what I wanted

A well-meaning family member bought me some bamboo cutting boards which quickly wreaked havoc on my Shun knives. I knew I needed a proper, soft-wood cutting board. It's a little different as harder boards do make knifework feel more responsive but are not goof for your knife edges, but like most things in the chef knife world, it'll just take some getting used to. As another reviewer noted, if your knife is sharp, it will cut into the board a bit more which is something you'll need to get used to, but it's well worth it if you want to take care of your knives. As far as fit and finish goes, it's absolutely stunning to look at, feel, and smell. 100% worth the price, and now I need more chopping boards!

Austin (Porter Ranch, US)
Smells great, slim and light!

I will let my wife use the FSR cutting board while I enjoy the hinoki cutting board. Giving it a nice rinse before using makes it smell great and absorb less of whatever you are cutting on top of it. Just need to make sure nobody "helps" me out by wshing the board and laying it flat or on it's side to "dry" as that was how my last hinoki board started getting wood rot from having the edges and bottomw side sitting in the pooling water overnight to "dry."
They are wonderful boards that will last a LONG time if you understand how to handle wooden cutting boards for long-time use.