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Robert Gold (Boca Raton, US)
Hasagawa FSR20 - 5025

My new Hasagawa board arrived safe and sound, perfectly flat, and blemish free just a few days after my order. It is more beautiful than I had expected, and is a pleasure to use. The textured surface holds meat or fish in place while slicing, and so inspires confidence. When the knife edge reaches the surface there is a slight friction that slows the slicing motion. This surprised me because although the surface is rubberized, it felt more like hard plastic to my fingertips. This rubberiness became noticeable at the blade-edge interface. At first this was a bit disconcerting, but with time I began to enjoy a feeling of control and precision that the texture of the board provided. And I also enjoy knowing that the surface is kind to my fine Japanese knives. Best of all I can safely use this board for protein such as meat and poultry and later for vegetables as it can be sanitized easily and even sterilized in the dishwasher. A dishwasherable board that stays flat and is kind to my expensive knives! What's not to like?

Ruediger Voss (Hamburg, DE)
A perfect Board

I got the board few days after I ordered it and it arrived safe packed here in Hamburg, Germany.
I tried the board withe Vegetable, meat and fish. It is perfect for all but especially for meat and fish. The textured on the board hold it very good in place while slicing the meat or fish. The board is also good for vegetable but for this I prefer my Asahi Hi-soft Rubber board with less texture on the surface.
The Hasegawa is easy to clean after use it. I won't put it into a dishwasher machine coz I have fear it will lose his texture and it's softness.
Since I got my Hasegawa and my Asahi Board I won't use my Bamboo boards for my expensive knifes.


Excellent. Wish it didn't have to come from Hong Kong

Max Rotem (Tel Aviv, IL)
Absolutely perfect

I can't add any more words excepts I got completely state of art board. Thank you

Yaniv Adler (Sherman Oaks, US)
Hasegawa Soft Cutting Board 6030 "FSR" Series

Got this amazing board today and The only word that I can say is a big wow !!! 🤩🔪🎶 it’s my first one and for sure not the last one. Such a pleasure cutting/prepping and cleaning it. 5 stars ✨!!!
And the shipping was super fast. Thanks guys !!!