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Anonymous (Houten, NL)
Great board, perfect size (50x30)

Bought this board to replace my bamboo board. I noticed with the bamboo board that i needed to resharpen my knives every week. Also my wife is happy with the size and weight, as it is much easier to handle. Besides the better hygene, the board looks much better without the visible cuts and small cracks i used to have in the bamboo board. Also very fast shipment!

C. (Kaneohe, US)
Attention to detail

Not only are product reviews excellent and very helpful, but ordering products from Burrfection Store is a pleasure. Shipping is fast, shipping cost is very reasonable and the attention to detail on how they pack everything is fantastic. I certainly enjoy doing business with them and will continue to do so in the future.

Richard Taylor (Melbourne, AU)
Well worth the spend.

If you own serious kitchen knives and you actually use them, it makes sense to own a serious chopping board. The board sits perfectly flat, is very easy to clean and for me the perfect size for at home use (FPE20 - 5030)
Big enough to chop a decent amount of meat or veg without spilling on to your counter, light enough to pick up one handed and scrap food into your bowl, pan, wok etc… but small enough to wash thoroughly in an average size sink. Even easier if you have an over size deep sink.
If you keep your knives nice and sharp, you won’t even scratch this chopping board.
I bought two boards, one for veg and one for meat but to be honest, you could get away with one, due to how easy they are to clean and dry. As much as they say dishwasher safe… I wouldn’t do it. Dishwashers ruin chopping boards. You don’t put a $1000.00 kitchen knife in the dishwasher. In my opinion, why would you risk damaging your $200.00 chopping board. Up to you.
After a few weeks of solid use, mine still look as new as the day I opened them. So far, nothing has stained them. In my opinion they feel very nice to cut on. The texture doesn’t bother me at all… in fact, I prefer it.
I haven’t had them long enough to judge edge retention on my knives, but I’m confident that they will perform as expected due to all other aspects of this board living up to their product description.
Very happy with these boards, especially as I don’t expect I’ll ever need to buy another chopping board again.

Joe Kisa Santos (Hemet, US)
So so Good!!!

I can work so much more thoroughly and the clean up is so easy! Wipes clean!!! I can’t wait to get a bigger one! Hasegawa ICHIBAN!

H.K.M.Y. (Calgary, CA)

It’s different with other series, this one doesn’t have the soft layer to protect the blade

Um….other than that. I’m still happy with it