Kato Uchihamono カトウ打刃物 / Yoshimi Kato 加藤 義実

Yoshimi Kato (加藤 義実, aka. Yoshimi Katou) is a renowned blacksmith in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, and the 3rd generation Kato. Head of Kato Uchihamono (カトウ打刃物), formerly known as Kintaro, Mr. Kato has apprenticed under his father - 2nd generation blacksmith - Hiroshi Kato (加藤  弘) for many years before taking over the family business. Mr. Kato is master of heat-treating high-end steels such as SG2 and Aogami Super. His hand-forged Damascus is mesmerizing and his tsuchime finish aesthetically pleasing. Kato knives have a great reputation for being the finest example of Echizen craftsmanship. 


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