Yoshikazu Ikeda 池田 美和 / Ikeda Tanrenjp 池田鍛錬所 / Sakai Hokushin 堺北辰

Yoshikazu Ikeda (池田 美和) started forging knives in 1967 as an apprentice to his father Kameo Ikeda (池田 亀夫), the 2nd generation blacksmith of Yoshikazu Tanrenjo. Whilst his elder brother Tatsuo Ikeda (池田 辰男) took over their father’s workshop and became the 3rd generation blacksmith, Yoshikazu Ikeda founded his own workshop Ikeda Tanrenjo (池田鍛錬所) in 1983. He once joked that his hands were stubborn and clumsy, so he wouldn’t feel bored doing the same thing over and over again. As a result, he laser-focused on mastering his skills in forging and crafting for decades, and captured many awards in Japan. Sakai Hokushin (堺北辰) is a line of products created by Ikeda Tanrenjo workshop.


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