Myojinriki Seisakusho 明神利器製作所 / Tetsujin Knife Labo 鉄人刃物ラボ

Myojinriki Seisakusho is a Kochi-based knife making workshop run by Tateo Myojin (明神 健雄) and Naohito Myojin(明神 直人), the father and son team. Tateo, who was born in the largely rural Kochi Prefecture in 1950, developed his interest in blade forging at a young age, so he went to Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, the famous city of forged knives, to receive training from Sakai knifemakers. 

Tateo’s son Naohito-san - being a rebellion youth- refused to join the family business, until he sharpened his friend’s knife and received a compliment from his friends. The joy he got from doing it changed his mind, and he decided to be an apprentice under his father. Now just in his early 30s, Naohito already has over a decade of knife making experience under his belt. He has new ideas for the family business, and has recently launched a new family brand - Tetsujin Knife Labo (鉄人刃物ラボ).


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