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JP (Kopavogur, IS)
Best edge so far.

I'm really impressed with these stones.
Only worked with Suehiro so far and these seem like an upgrade to my cerax 1000 and rika 5000.
Fast shipping and decent packaging although the box was partially damaged on arrival.

Justin Mann (Minot, US)
Great Stones for a Pro or Serious Sharpener

Study Results: After about 20 sharpening's on different steels I characterized the performance in terms of speed and feedback by scoring them between 0-5 with VG-10 being a 3 for both categories as a baseline. I then summed the two scores (total is between 0-10) and plotted the steel hardness against it's estimated carbide volume. For steels with a score >5 I considered them to be "good" candidates for sharpening on these stones. Scores =5 were "borderline" and <5 were "poor" performers on the stones in terms of feedback and speed. What I found is that there was a line between the good and poor steels based on hardness and carbide volume. The attached chart can then be used to determine if these will be suitable for your sharpening needs.

Pros: After the study I have done another 30 sharpenings. They are definitely high end stones that perform well. They both cut fairly quickly for their grit rating when compared to average abrasives but still slower than high end soaking stones. Neither slurries very much at all but the 800 to 3K jump will still leave a nice hazy polish that is attractive. Both stay pretty flat with very minor dishing after 3 sharpenings but I usually flatten after each use with a worn 140grit diamond plate for about 30-45s.

Cons: 800 is still a bit slow cutting and both stones will glaze and benefit from dressing after a few uses. Very little slurry generation on either stone.

Overall: Great stones for Pro or serious sharpeners that will cut almost any steel and stay pretty flat. I recommend a lower grit stone than the 800 even for small reprofile jobs but it will repair a very dull but not damaged edge with ease.

Michael Lee (Dorchester, US)
Big upgrade

These stones are the only stones you’ll need to maintain a razor sharp blade. I would know because I cut myself after I sharpened my TF Denka 😅

Ben (Singapore, SG)
Very good stones

I have 5 wet stones already when I purchased the Naniwa Ryky edition. These splash and go stones are really very good. The length is perfect for knives up to 270 mm (imho)
Effortless to bring the edge on.

Was planning to sharpen 2 knives and I ended up sharpening 8 because it’s so easy

Christopher Coutu (Webster, US)
Very Impressed

These are excptional quality stones with wonderful feedback. Storage case that comes included is very convenient for safely storing the stones and allowing excess water/residue to drip free. I have also used these stones to sharpen my pocket knives. Very Impressed.