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Mark T
Extremely sharp and light, mixed performance.

The knife looks very good, although does have machine lines running up and down the entire length of the blade, but the finish is good, the etching looks sharp and I do love the handle as it looks very good and fits well in my hand. The knife is very light for such a big knife so I do enjoy how it feels. The balance is basically where the the blade meets the handle, so further back than most Japanese knife’s and not where the pinch gripe would be. The knife is very sharp from the get go, cuts many things very well, but does a poor job on anything very liquid or starchy like potatoes. The knife even struggles to get through many potatoes as the blade sticks to the potato and after you cut it, it’s almost glued to the blade... I even tried with my Anyru and with the same potatoes it cut them like butter and the potato fell off the blade. So I see this as a great knife for some occasions, but not as a one knife fit all type of blade, which is disappointing for the price.

Richard Nguyen
Great knife with flaws

Overall I really love this knife but it does have a few flaws.

Pros: blade profile, build quality, quality material, customer support, supports Ryky!

Cons: food tends to stick to the blade and etching, expensive for what it is, and lastly quality control seems to be lacking since the one I received had a big scratch running down the handle.

Miguel Roche (Miami, US)
Amazing knife

Amazing knife very sharp, i’ve been working with it for 2 years now and I love the handle, the knife is easy to sharpen and keeps its edge very well. Very happy with this purchase

Dario Karnincic
Simply wonderful

I have been using this knife for a couple of months instead of my Konosuke MM Blue and it is simply amazing.
The knife was extremely sharp out of the box and retains the edge like a champ! The steel is also somewhat less reactive than my Konosuke and I have no idea why but I like it.
It is my humble opinion that there is nothing else widely available that will give you this value to price ratio!
Also, I had some issue doe to postal service making a mess but the Borrfection team was awesome and have sorted it out asap.

Soenke Koester

I have to apologize for the wrong typing.
I want to say: Fit, balance and....