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Michael Marquez
Superior Quality

My wife is an avid cooker but has never had a nice or professional knife. So I was researching top Japanese knives and found your channel. Then I went down the best rabbit hole ever due to all your knowledge. I decided to buy her your knife the Burrfection Launch as a way to buy something top notch and support you. She was blown away by the knife. The feel, the excellent performance, the amazing handle, and it is truly a beautiful knife! She is in love with it and is now looking for her next knife! Thank you

Adrian Ammaturo
Insane !!

i love this Knive and With The Number 1 of 200 im absolutely happy :D

Rick C. (Brighton, US)
Not what I hoped for.

I think I was one of the early buyers of this knife. My knife also has, "1 of 200, Launch Edition" imprinted on it. I like Ryky. He seems like a good and decent family man. I wanted to support his endeavors and also get a knife that I would use all the time.
Right out of the box, the spine was bent. So, rather than just send it back immediately, I applied a gentle amount of force in the opposite direction. The absolute ease in which this knife bends is really concerning. I know the theory behind outer layers of soft steel sandwiching/protecting a layer of harder edge steel that's able to keep an edge. But this is the only Japanese Gyuto I have (at least 6 others, made by Masamoto, Misono, and even Fujiwara Teruyasu) that I can bend with almost no effort. I really don't think well made knives should be able to be bent with this small amount of force. I'm reluctant to use it, and as a result it just sits on my magnetic knife strip.
Is it sharp? Yes. Thin? Yes. Almost feather light? Yes.
But I'm sorry. I don't agree that it deserves the 5/5 rating everyone is giving it. I do a lot of cutting and cooking. I'm not a professional chef, but for 30+ years I've spent at least 6 hours a week in the kitchen doing prep. For me, this is not a knife I reach for with confidence. Obviously others feel differently.
I also acknowledge the initial batch of knives may be different from the current version.

Leeling Yuen (Oakville, CA)
Great Gyoto!

Bought this knife in Nov 2020. It is stunning to look at and almost too beautiful to use. The handle is gorgeous, it feels so light, and balanced and just right in your hand. It is wicked sharp and I absolutely love it. I prefer it over my Shun chef knife. Now that Ryky has introduced me to good Japanese knives I can’t go back to using my heavy German knives. I wash and dry it immediately after use and it still looks new.

M Pearson
My Gift Knife

I have a great relationship with this knife. Since they have been in the Burrfection store I’ve purchased five of them; four for gifts and one for me. They make a great introduction for folks to the joys of using Japanese kitchen knives. There are a couple of things that help make this a standout gift.

1. They are sharp right out of the box. Many times people have no idea how easy it is to use a sharp knife and this a good example of that.
2. The blade is thin and well balanced.
3. The AUS8 steel is easy to sharpen for new users.
4. Most everyone can use a great knife in their kitchen. For some it’s the first really good knife they have ever had.
5. They have a classic cutting profile.
6. They look and feel like the quality products they are.

There are few items that can be given that you know will be appreciated by the recipient. This is one of them. I heartily recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent kitchen knife.