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jeffrey baron (Seattle, US)
High quality

In general everything I get from Burrfection is high performance. The stop is A-1

Mark von Dohren (Pleasanton, US)

You are paying for a beautiful strop and that is exactly what you get. It's not only beautiful but functional.

Josh Stretch
This thing is RIDICULOUS!

I just got it a few minutes ago but I had to post a review. First off, the packaging is impeccable if you care about things like that (I usually don't, but it's so thoughtful that it stood out)!

Ok, it's a strop. Strops are very simple things that are nice to have, but aren't even necessary. You can make a strop easily, quickly, and inexpensively (that's what I've always done). You can strop on a stone, you can strop on fabric, you can strop on a belt if that's all you have.

So why did I spend $80 on this thing?

I first found this strop while I was researching stones a couple of years ago. They were sold out, and I told myself that if they ever came back in stock I would buy one because I had never even heard of a carbon fiber strop before. Well, I now have a baby, and my soaking stones just no longer fit my lifestyle so I was on the site looking at splash-n-go's. I made the mistake of clicking on the strops menu and these were back in stock. I bought one before I really knew what was happening.

It came today and this is the most ridiculous thing I now own. If you didn't get one before they sold out (which they're gonna), it's no good, don't worry about it, you're not missing out on anything, stop reading this review here!

If you did get one, then you already know! Those poor, poor saps who missed out! This strop is complete overkill, no one needs a strop this nice, and I'm head over heels in love with it! Well done Ryky, well done!