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Anonymous (Plant City, US)

This was my 3rd (fancier) Japanese knife gift to myself, checked all the boxes - the steel, the size, the geometry, the finish. It feels very good in the hand, like the balance and also it's a pleasure to look at. Like it so much that will buy the matching Gyuto. The handle feels so much better than western style, probably because my hands are very small. Definitely going to opt for Japanese handles whenever possible.

Ed Winters (Greely, CA)
My wife really like this knife!

I’m a 9 inch gyuto kind of cook, but my wife finds that size too big. She really likes a petty and appreciates the sharpness and look of this blade. Now all I have to do is show her how to sharpen it!

Muhsin Hoque (Maple, CA)

i used a tosaichi shadow petty before this, i still love that knife, but the kisuke took over its role role really fast. the finish on the blade is very nice and the handle is verrryyyy veryy nice. i love the handle right out the box. i think for me a weird thing i found with the knife was how far up the blade its balance point was. personally i use a very shallow pinch grip on shorter knives with less knuckle clearance than say a gyuto or something along the lines of that, so the pinch ends up being places behind the balance point. that may be a weird over personal gripe though. swigety swag its a great knife go get it.

Rodney Shiraishi (Honolulu, US)
Beautifully crafted

I am enjoying my new Kisuke petty knife. It suits me perfect for prepping veggies (mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic). Very light and well balanced.